hero is back
{always for a-jax, only for them}
do not repost any of my gifs/edits. do not edit fantaken photos. that is all.
currently talking requests!
happy birthday to our tallest member, park sungmin! i always tend to think you’re older than you really are, so please always stay young ㅋㅋㅋ i hope you’ll have a wonderful day, and will always be healthy ♥

if there’s any fans out there who want to participate in a bday project for sungmin (birthday on 31/05), a fansite (MINUS) has opened a project for him. pls reblog or give mention to any other fans you know so it can be successful! thank you~ 

favourites: dumb a-jax moments (1/?)
→ seungjin not knowing snakes have bones
a-jax pileup as punishment for the worst at random dance play~~